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What is Serious Protection and how does your Blauer uniform provide it?

Uniforms should provide Serious Protection to public safety professionals in three ways: by shielding you from the elements, by helping you project an image of authority, and by preventing and protecting you against on-the-job accidents and threats. During 2011, Blauer will celebrate 75 years (and four generations!) of success in making top quality uniforms that meet all three of these needs.

Since the company’s start in 1936, Blauer uniforms have been legendary for their top quality construction and use of premium materials that stand up to the rain, wind, cold, and snow. Blauer garments have always been performance oriented and built to last. It’s not uncommon for us to be asked to replace buttons or patches on jackets that have been in use in the field for 20 years or more.  

Quality like this goes hand-in-hand with a professional appearance. Maintaining a professional appearance to the public is more than just a matter of pride for public safety personnel – it’s one of personal safety for you and your colleagues.  When you look your best the members of your community, law-abiding and criminal alike, will show you the respect you deserve. This respect is critical for your ability to maintain public order and do your job well. Blauer uniforms have been a cornerstone of many departments’ public image since our beginning.


Blauer Silent Partner Bag
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